About Mustang Medicine Works, LLC

Vision Statement

A dynamic, evolving, environmentally-sensitive company offering equine-assisted, experiential, and traditional mental health counseling and coaching programs and services.

Mission Statement

To facilitate personal and spiritual growth and healing for teens, adults, families, groups, and couples, using equine-assisted and nature-based experiences, along with traditional approaches. Offerings include workshops, seminars, books, and individual and group sessions.

About the Treatment Team

Darrell Yardley

PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Darrell is the mental health specialist of the treatment team. Click here to see his Curriculum Vitae.

Dr. Yardley is a national teacher, author, as well as a therapist. He has a doctorate in zoology with specialties in psychobiology (mind-body interconnection) and sexology (the study of human sexuality). He is EAGALA certified. His experience includes over twelve years of clinical counseling in both private practice and medical and university settings. He is also certified in advanced clinical hypnotherapy, energy release (breathwork) therapy, Morita therapy, and life coaching.

On a more personal note, he is father of three grown children and grandfather of four. His middle child, Chris, was a troubled teen and now is a successful adult and father. His two daughters and his eldest granddaughter are stories within themselves. The youngest daughter was a teen pregnancy at 14. Mom and Dad found themselves playing the role of continuing to be parents to the mother and both parents and grandparents to the granddaughter. Our children and grandchildren have been unbelievable gifts in our lives.

In addition to his book WindWalker: Journey into Science, Self, and Spirit, he has published over 75 articles, manuals, and papers in biology, sociology, spirituality, and counseling. Dr. Yardley is Professor Emeritus of Zoology of Clemson University with over 25 years of teaching and research in molecular biology and genetics, from which he draws heavily for his psychobiology specialty.

Treatment Team: Carl (back) and Dr Y (foreground)

Carl and Dr. Y (foreground) during a session.

Carl Rathz

Carl was born in Virginia and has lived in the South, the Midwest and the West. He is the Equine Specialist of the treatment team. He has been involved with horses since he was 10 years old. His most extensive involvement with horses began in 1986 when he started owning, riding and breeding horses. He moved to teaching others about horses in 1999. Carl is the all around horseman gaining most of his knowledge through personal experience. He trains horses, teaches other people about horses through riding lessons, does minor vet care and trims hooves. He consults on the development of horse facilities and conducting horse businesses. He has extensive education and knowledge of pasture management. He is co-owner with his wife, Brenda, in CBR Horses, Inc.

On a personal note, he is father of two grown daughters and proud grandfather to a granddaughter.

Carl has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Clemson University and further education from Clemson in pasture management. He also has attended classes for accounting and auditing at Tri-County Technical College. Carl has studied advanced horsemanship under Dave Seay, one of the most experienced horse trainers in the country. Carl has recently been certified by EAGALA to provide qualified leadership in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning.