Adult  Services & Concerns

We offer adult services too. These include counseling, coaching, equine assisted counseling and learning, and sex therapy. These are separated for discussion from the teen-parent services, which include family therapy, and from parental coaching services. We work with adult individuals and couples.

Counseling sessions are usually what are called face-to-face, that is the therapist and client are in the same room together, usually facing each other.

Within the state of South Carolina, counseling sessions may also be done at a distance, something called distance counseling.

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Adult counseling services include traditional and experiential counseling. The latter includes hypnotherapy and drum therapy.

Life Coaching

Adult coaching services include life coaching as well as spiritual coaching. Coaching can be done at a distance or face-to-face. Read more...

Equine Assisted Counseling and Learning

Horses work for adults too, both in therapy and life coaching. Life coaching with horses is also referred to as equine assisted learning (EAL).

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Many of life's conflicts and challenges involve personal and spiritual growth. As we age and mature as adults, old ways of doing and coping may no longer be effective. Or, we feel the need to make changes in our life.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy addresses the sexual related problems and dysfunctions that couples or individuals might be having.

Pain Management

Use Dr_Y's four-fold approach to help manage your chronic pain...

Weight Loss

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you develop relaxation techniques, enhance motivation, and attend to emotional issues that may be behind your weight problem


Use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking...

Distance Counseling

Distance counseling means having session at a distance instead of face-to-face. Such sessions can be done by telephone, email, or Internet.


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