Jungian Archetypes

In this section of the website we introduce Jungian archetypes in terms of therapeutic usages and personal growth. Unlike classic treatment, however, we are also going to talk about the underlying psychobiology, their relationship to spirit guides of ancient and indigenous peoples, and how you can meet and use them in your life.

Classical Jung:

Jungian Archetypes and Symbols

On this page we introduce archetypes and symbols as originally proposed by C. G. Jung. 

Consciousness and Personality

Jung proposed the personal conscious, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. These are important in our understanding of personality and archetypes.

Classic Archetypes

Here is a brief listing and discussion of some of the classic archetypes as originally discussed by Jung.


Psychobiology of Archetypes

Jung proposed that the collective unconscious was carried in the genes of our species and that archetypes and symbols were a way of organizing our minds, understanding our selves, and understanding others and the world around us. He argued just as with anatomy and development where "ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny", so too in the development of the mind.

Archetypal Genes?

Jung's understanding of archetypes was a neo-Platonic concept. He also thought that they were inherited in the DNA of our species. Based on our knowledge of the human genome and modern genetics, do we find evidence for actual genes that code for archetypes?

Indigenous Spirituality and Archetypes

I have found these to be excellent tool to work with both teens and adults. It is empowering to know your Power Place, Power Animal, and Teachers...

Archetypes and Spirit Guides

At this point we diverge from the classic treatment of archetypes and move into the world of ancient and indigenous peoples.

Journeying and Trance

Sometimes referred to as a "soul journey", in these metaphorical journeys you enter a trance state (altered state of consciousness), and "travel" to the spirit world...

Spirit Worlds

The three spirit worlds of the ancients and indigenous peoples were the Lower World, the Upper World, and in between, the Middle World. Learn how to access them...

Power Place

Each of us, according to the ancients, has our own special Power Place where we can journey. Here we are safe and have to control over who and what enters and stays. Learn how to find and use your Power Place...

Animal guides and totems

Humankind has a long history of totems, that is animals that are helpers or symbolize certain strengths. They also have shadow sides. The ancients believed we each had our own sets of animal guides or totems. Our totems tell us about our own strengths and personality. You can have several different animal guides...

Power Animal

This is our most important and powerful animal guide. Whereas we can have several different animal guides, we only have one power animal. He or she usually stays with us our entire life or lives. Meet your Power Animal...


Teachers appear to us in human form. They are our own personal wise guides and may represent classical archetypal entities of the Collective Unconscious. Would you like to meet one or more of your Teachers?

Working with your personal archetypes

Here are some suggestions for how to use your personal archetypes and spirit guides in your life...

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