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Psychospirituality: Spiritual Growth and Healing

Psychospirituality is concerned with the psychological aspects of spiritual matters, or spiritual aspects of psychology, which ever you choose.

In our culture, mention of the words spirit, spiritual, spirituality, and so forth, usually create a stampede for the door or exit. Images of space cadets, la-la land, people who are not grounded, etc. come to mind. We roll our eyes. If you are reading this page, we assume you have not done that--i.e. headed for the door or, in this case, clicked on another page.

We will also be covering some of the psychobiological aspects of spirituality. More properly this page should be labeled "psychobio-spirituality" or "biopsycho-spirituality", instead of "psychospirituality". But that is a mouthful and awkward, so we will just stick to the buzz word, psychospirituality and its deverivatives.

This page is your doorway (a.k.a. links) to the following topics and pages for psychospirituality:

A different view of Reality (extrapolations from Quantum physics)

We exist and operate in a four dimensional space-time reality. String Theory of Quantum Physics indicates that there may be as many as ten dimensions...

Alternative States of Consciousness

There are four modes of consciousness: normal, everyday waking consciousness; deep sleep (non-dreaming); dream sleep; and integrative.

Healing Rituals and the Origin of Religion

Healing rituals are ancient, probably involved trance states of consciousness, and may have been the origin of religion...

Trance and Hypnotizability

Not only are these natural, they can be powerfully healing. Even some animals appear to be hypnotizable. People have varying degrees of hypnotizability...

Unitive Experiences

Sometimes called "ecstatic", these experiences can be life changing...


Shamanism--ancient healers and seers. Most of us have some of these abilities. Learn what a shaman and shamanism are...


Neurological studies and thought on meditators, God, and ecstatic experiences, and what is going on in the brain...

Daily Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice requires discipline. Do you have a daily spiritual practice? Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate one into your life and day--and why you should...


From Zen and Buddhist meditation to Christian centering prayer, these are ancient ways for personal and spiritual growth, stress reducing, and healthy. Meditation is good to have as part of your daily practice.

Vision Quests

A way of deepening your own spiritual and personal growth. Vision Quests were used as ancient rites of passage and during one life to get a clearer vision of one's direction and meaning...

Spiritual Retreats

From intense meditative retreats, to milder weekend or longer retreats, spiritual retreats can be invigorating and rejuvenating. Recommend for any spiritual seeker on a regular basis...

Sweat Lodges

These are rebirth and cleansing experiences and rituals created by indigenous peoples. Learn about Native American and Aztec sweat lodges...

The Power of Prayer: what the research says

What does research on the power of prayer tell us? Does it work?...

Important related links:

Vision Quests: New Mexico and Why Vision Quest?
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Psychospirituality Index

  • A different view of Reality (extrapolations from Quantum physics)
  • Alternative States of Consciousness
  • Healing Rituals and the Origin of Religion
  • Trance and Hypnotizability
  • Unitive Experiences
  • Shamanism
  • Daily Spiritual Practice
  • Meditation
  • Neurotheology
  • Vision Quests
  • Spiritual Retreats
  • Sweat Lodges
  • The Power of Prayer: what the research says

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