Repetitive DNA and Alternative Realities

The purpose of this webpage is two-fold. First, to introduce the reader to the large extent of the genome that consists of this type of DNA. Second, to discuss one of its possible roles in perceiving alternative realities or information that is beyond that of our five senses.

Repetitive DNA

The Human Genome Project and subsequent DNA sequencing of the genomes of many other animals have identified some 30,000 to 40,000 genes. Yet, there is enough DNA to code for many more than this. So the question is, what is all of this non-gene DNA doing? What is it function?

In the 1980's regions of repetitious or repetitive DNA were identified. There were family of some genes for which there were several copies of the gene in the genomes. These include some of the RNA coding genes (ribosomal RNA, transfer RNA) and histone genes. But this repetitious DNA were not genes and were rather short repeated sequences.

Some of these repeated sequences were made up of only  5-10 nucleotides (DNA units), some 150-300 repeating units, and some 5000-6000 units. Many of theses "repeats" in the latter two cases were not exact repeats, but they would vary a little from each other.

We now know some of the functions of the longer repeat segments (i.e. the 150-300 and 5000-6000). They play various roles in DNA synthesis and mobility and many lie in introns (the intervening sequences that break genes into functional subunits, see Basic Genetics). However, I want to turn our attention to the short, 5-10 units.

These short DNA repeating segments can occupy long stretches of DNA between genes (see Chromosme-genes). They are also referred to technically as satellite DNA. These short units can repeated one after the other (tandemly) for up to 10,000 times. Referred to as highly repetitive DNA, no function has been assigned to these short, repeated segments.

At this point we mus diverge from the world of molecular biology to bring in another line of thought and research, Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine

In his pioneering book, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, Dr. James Oschman presents arguments and research on how repeating molecular and anatomical structures in our bodies could well serve as large series of micro-antennae arrays.

On a larger scale, the large antenna arrays located in New Mexico that are used to probe outer space are much more sensitive than single antenna standing alone. By linking a number of them together, and spreading them equidistance around a large geographic area, these arrays become very sensitive to picking up energy and information coming in to the planet from outer space.

Analogously, he points out how repeating units in membranes, muscle, bone and other structures in the body could form micro antennae arrays that could pick up information from the environment that is not picked up by our five senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound). This is a basic mechanism on how energy medicine works, he proposes.

I would like to extend this hypothesis to the highly repetitive sequences of DNA...

Highly Repetitive DNA and Extra Sensory Reception

Such small sequences of DNA could directly receive information from the environment, including brain waves from others.

We know for example, when two people are placed in a room together and one of them is in a meditative (alpha brain wave) state, it can act to entrain the other person's brain waves into an alpha state. (Sorry, can't lay my hands on this reference but will look for it.)

I use this strategy with my counseling clients sometimes to move them into an alpha state for doing therapy.

At this point I have no mechanism by which the DNA receiving such information could translate that into gene expression. We also know that DNA absorbs and emits energy at a certain frequencies. Perhaps, absorbing energy at these frequencies could cause the DNA in that area to unwind or relax so that the genes in that area could be expressed.

Alternative Realities

By alternative realities I am referring to those realities that medicine persons, seers, shaman, and mystics are able to see into. This is right brain work that could be made possible by the receptive ability of highly repetitive DNA.


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