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Therapeutic Approaches

This page is your gateway to some of the therapeutic approaches used at Mustang Medicine Works with teens and adults. In general, several therapeutic approaches are used to create an individualized therapeutic mix to meet the client's needs and issues.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Employs the EAGALA model using a specially trained therapeutic team composed of a licensed mental health specialist, an equine specialist, and horse or horses...

Insight Therapy

Insight therapy facilitates clients to obtain understanding about what drives their behaviors, emotions, and issues...


Integrates hypnosis with other therapeutic approaches. The particular approach used integrates cognitive-behavioral, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Ericksonian, and Neural Linguistic Programming...

Dysfunctional Thoughts

Based in Cognitive Therapy, countering dysfunctional thoughts can be very helpful for mood disorders...

Reality Therapy

Reality therapy can be very effective as it focuses on the clients goals, is what they have been doing achieving those goals, choices and consequences...

Drum Therapy

A type of non- or minimally-directed hypnotherapy employing rhythmic drumming and guided imagery. A doorway to the unconscious...

Jungian/Indigenous Therapy

Employs the use of Jungian archetypes to help clients find their own answers and insights. These archetypes were known to ancient and indigenous cultures variously as spirit guides or allies and represent another doorway to the unconscious, in this case, both the Collective Unconscious and the client's own unconscious...

Inner Child/Lost Child Recovery

This form of therapy can be effective for clients that have suffered from trauma or abuse as it reconnects them with these "lost" or damaged parts of themselves.

Regression Therapy

A powerful form of therapy that takes the client back to traumatic or significant times in their lives so that healing can take place. There is a psychobiological basis for this approach...

Past-Life Therapy

During regression therapy clients will spontaneously sometimes have past-life experiences. Such experiences can be used therapeutically...

Dream Analysis

Dreams are yet another avenue to the unconscious. They are unconscious mind trying to communicate with the conscious mind...
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